Deoccupy DC

In my list of top three positive consequences of the 2010 elections is the fact that Nancy Pelosi was no longer Speaker of the House.  As a result of that, she does not infest my television as often as she used to.

I remember when she was lashing out at the Tea Party in 2009, coining the famous “Astroturf” comparison.  Then there was her heartfelt speech in September 2009, “I have concerns about some of the language that is being used, because I saw . . .” (sniffle, eye roll, attempt to hold back the tears) “. . .I saw this myself . . .” (greater effort to hold back more tears and great emotional distress throughout the rest of this) “ . . .in the late ’70s in San Francisco.  This kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it gave, it created a climate in which we, in which violence took place.” (more…)

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Comments from a Tea Partier

I took a peek at my friend’s Facebook last week.  I have known this person for decades. He is one of my dearest friends, although we are separated by several moves, many years, and—most importantly—politics. That alone currently limits our relationship.  He wrote:

“It has becoming increasingly clear that the Tea Party is just the ultra-conservative Christian Right Wing of the Rep. Party. Nothing wrong with holding those views, but I for one still prefer to have a separation of church and state. They have caused enormous harm economically over the past couple of months. Perhaps they should keep their religion in their churches, and not force it into our government.” (more…)

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How Many New York Times Experts Does It Take to Multiply 2 Numbers Together?

My question is:  How many New York Times experts does it take to multiply 2 numbers together?  I wondered this after a recent foreign press briefing. (more…)

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Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings

There were Tea Parties beginning in February of this year.  They were largely ignored by the press.  There were large Tax Day Tea Parties on April 15 of this year.  They were largely ignored by the press, except for FOX news.

Mainstream media coverage on the Tax Day Tea Parties mainly centered on the Tea Parties being a phenomenon created by FOX news, consequently reported on by CNN as being “anti-CNN.”  Police departments were put on notice that there were right wing extremists on the prowl.  People who only watched mainstream media were scared about the radicals participating in these events. (more…)

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