Deoccupy DC

In my list of top three positive consequences of the 2010 elections is the fact that Nancy Pelosi was no longer Speaker of the House.  As a result of that, she does not infest my television as often as she used to.

I remember when she was lashing out at the Tea Party in 2009, coining the famous “Astroturf” comparison.  Then there was her heartfelt speech in September 2009, “I have concerns about some of the language that is being used, because I saw . . .” (sniffle, eye roll, attempt to hold back the tears) “. . .I saw this myself . . .” (greater effort to hold back more tears and great emotional distress throughout the rest of this) “ . . .in the late ’70s in San Francisco.  This kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it gave, it created a climate in which we, in which violence took place.” (more…)

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Keep swimming, Nancy

I have been having an unsettling nightmare lately in which I have been in a shipwreck in shark-infested waters.  My 110 pound dog is drifting with me on a small lifeboat that can only hold two—her and me.  I view someone else from the shipwreck swimming towards me.  As she gets closer, I realize that it’s Nancy Pelosi!  “Let me in!” she pleads.  I am so torn.   I have a hard time sharing a continent with this woman, but I’m supposed to let her on my boat? (more…)

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Nancy Needs a Chauffeur

Nancy was driving to a meeting on proposed Health Care Reform in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She was running late and ended up behind a very slow driver.  So she waited for a “PASSING ALLOWED” sign:No passing sign copy (more…)

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