Strike Three and We’re Out

We elected an inexperienced man with no qualms about abusing power to be President of the United States.

I won’t get into the reasons why everyone voted for him. Some knew what he stood for, and agreed with his politics. Some voted for him because he was the one with the D next to his name. The press did its highly effective best to hide or minimize anything, large (from his socialist past) or small (like his smoking), that might have created a doubt in the minds of those who were the lemmings following the soaring rhetoric of “Hope and Change.” So he rode to victory with a majority created by the believers and the clueless.


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Dear Mr. President: Rethink Honduras

Dear Mr. President,

As a source of information for you on foreign events, I apologize for not getting the information to you about the Honduras situation before you made a public statement.  In the absence of facts, it appears that you had to rely on the media for information (and God knows who for analysis).  (more…)

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