There are a series of ads on TV that disturb me greatly. They are aimed mostly at younger people. What disturbs me is that they are not preparing our children for tomorrow’s America if we continue on in the same direction that we are going.

The ad which gets me most is the one where the new girl is looking for a place to sit at the cafeteria. She finds a place and timidly asks if she can sit there, clearly fearing rejection. The other girls make some rude comments and leave after she sits down. Another girl that sees what happens comes over and sits with the new girl while a voice over says, “Reaching out. Pass it on.”

How old, how outdated, how yesterday American can you be?

The more appropriate ad to inspire our children with the values consistent with those in our fundamentally transforming America would show two guys, Nick and Barry, chatting at the cafeteria table while eyeing the new guy at the next table.

Nick says, “I can’t stand him. He’s a liar.”

Barry says, “You’re tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him every day.”

(Oops! Sorry I plagiarized this dialog.)

As a tomato thrown at the new guy hits him in the back of the head, a voice over says, “Gossip with the cool guy. Pass it on.”

Then there is the current ad where a bunch of rowdies come along and knock the stuff out of the kid’s hands while he stands at his locker. The rowdies continue on while saying rude things to the guy they just assaulted. A big guy in a letter jacket comes over and asks him if he’s ok and helps him pick up his stuff. A voice over says, “Character. Pass it on.”

Again, there is a more appropriate scenario in today’s America.

It begins the same–the bunch of rowdies knock the stuff out of the kid’s hands while he stands at his locker, and continue on while saying rude things. The big guy should be wearing a flag jacket, and should call over without moving, “Hey, if you just talk to them nicely and stay closer to the borders of your locker, everything will be ok.” A voice over says, “Side with the bullies. Pass it on.”

My suggested changes would bring the ad campaign into line with the fundamental transformation of America being effected by Obama. When you view the conduct of America through the actions of its President, the transformation is happening. Obama is modeling not the current values espoused by the ads; his behavior models quite the opposite. Perhaps some countries like him—and America—better because they think that we are now finally “getting” this international “cooperation” (aka, bullying). We don’t stick up for the little guy anymore, so it makes it easier to isolate (and eventually eliminate) him.

We used to stick up for our friends and chastise our enemies. No more—we insult our friends and appease some of the worst dictators in the world. Our president insults Great Britain by publicly sending back a gift received before he took office, a bust of Winston Churchill. (I always taught my children to politely thank the giver and stick it in their closet or donate it to charity if the gift was not liked.) On the other hand, he very publicly accepted the gift of a book (photo op included) that criticizes the US for pillaging Latin America along with Europen powers from Hugo Chavez. I could go on and on with examples—anyone that keeps up with the news could.

When you fundamentally transform a country—rather than simply restore it—everything has to be changed. One of the things that Obama is doing is replacing some of our admirable core values with values that devolve us into a teenager trying to get along in the world by being liked, by doing what the cool kids do, and by picking on the small guy along with the other bullies. This is not diplomacy, this is self abasement.

Under Obama, we are exchanging our old values for values that we have been taught all of our life to despise. Let’s not adhere to the Constitution for our laws, let’s do what the cool guys in Europe are doing even as they have reached a point where rioting has inevitably resulted from the policies that we are now trying to adopt. Don’t wait for other countries to criticize our government, disparage our Constitution and call it an “impediment” to progress. Let’s not be faithful to our friends, let’s pretend like there is a moral equivalency between oppressive dictatorships and vibrant democracies. Let’s pretend as if there is a way to reason with someone who denies the Holocaust ever happened—just talk nice and he’ll play nice. Let’s gang up on the little guy, Israel, who has no friends because in his neighborhood everyone else basically wants him dead and after all, “everyone” counts.

We may not have always lived up to the ideals we held, but we were always striving towards admirable ideals. Now, we are lowering our standards.

I’m disgusted. I don’t want to hang out with the cool kids. I don’t want to ignore or disparage my friends while I try to reason with the bullies. Being an American with traditional values, I want to be myself. If the rest of the world likes it, that’s great. If the rest of the world doesn’t like it, too bad and so what. Traditional American values are more important than others’ opinions of America.

Most of all, I don’t want to fundamentally transform America. I want to make it better, not fundamentally different (and, in my opinion, worse). Our children are confused enough with the self loathing for America that our educational system is instilling in them. So, the values ad campaign needs to change their ads, or Obama has to change his ways or be replaced with someone who wants to make America better, not just different.

I hope the ads don’t have to be changed.

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  1. Should we be applauded for pillaging Latin America? (Also, the Churchill bust is still here)

    • I’m not sure what you think constitutes pillaging Latin America, nor what it has to do with trying to live up to our ideals. As i indicated, we are not perfect. Also, the Churchill bust is in the British Embassy. Since the ground that embassies sit on is considered to be soil native to the country of the embassy, the bust is NOT in the USA.

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