Deoccupy DC

In my list of top three positive consequences of the 2010 elections is the fact that Nancy Pelosi was no longer Speaker of the House.  As a result of that, she does not infest my television as often as she used to.

I remember when she was lashing out at the Tea Party in 2009, coining the famous “Astroturf” comparison.  Then there was her heartfelt speech in September 2009, “I have concerns about some of the language that is being used, because I saw . . .” (sniffle, eye roll, attempt to hold back the tears) “. . .I saw this myself . . .” (greater effort to hold back more tears and great emotional distress throughout the rest of this) “ . . .in the late ’70s in San Francisco.  This kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it gave, it created a climate in which we, in which violence took place.”

In further comments, she noted, “I wish we would all curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements and understand that some of the ears that it is falling on are not as balanced as the person making the statements may assume.”

Now, almost two years later, actual violent rhetoric (with words like “revolution” and phrases like “Jew-Zionist pig” and “the NYPD are murderers” and “Put the pigs back in their sty.”) is being used by the OWS crowd.  There are also a variety of crimes being committed in their ranks, including murders, sexual assaults, rapes, theft, and drug use resulting in overdoses.  (Newsflash:  Yes, illicit drug use is a crime.)  When arrests are made, some are found to have outstanding warrants for their arrests on other charges.  Most animals would not treat their living space with the same disrespect the OWS crowds are showing to theirs.

Nancy, instead of calling for a few curbs on rhetoric and enthusiasm in this crowd composed mainly of the unbalanced, comes out as Tiny Tim to say about the OWS crowd, “God Bless them for their spontaneity!” beaming her biggest botox smile.

Groovy and far out.  I want to start a new movement—Deoccupy DC (DDC).

First of all, when Nancy Pelosi referred to the violence (sniff, sniff, stiff upper lip, continue) in the late 70s in San Francisco, it was perpetrated by leftists, similar to the OWS crowd.  (See  It was not perpetrated by law abiding, right wing crowds willing to exercise their Constitutional Rights without burning police cars or shouting anything more incendiary than “Kill the bill.”  (“Bill” not being an actual living being, but a piece of legislation.)

Even though the Tea Party does not resemble the 1970s San Francisco crowds, it may help to explain Nancy Pelosi’s 2009 reaction.  In her world, there is only one way to express political anger—be disruptive, riot, and demand a violent change.  Make a pretense by calling for peaceful demonstrations (makes good headlines), but set up the dynamics to ensure that the crowd becomes a mob.  Challenge authority by act and deed.  In Nancy’s World, it is incomprehensible that non-political elites can be angry with the system and yet willing to work within the rules to effect positive change.  Breaking into a building with large glass pane windows is comprehensible; breaking into God Bless America is not.You can’t really feel something that strongly unless you are willing to trash your opposition, vandalize public and private property, and scream hate and obscenities at and about living human beings.  In her world, someone who can gather and protest peaceably is unreal, as fake as—Astroturf.  The real world reality of numerous Tea Party protests with 0 arrests and no violence is a false reality in Nancy’s World.

However, Nancy should realize—valuing diversity as all leftists do—that there are realities outside of her world.  She should realize that the Tea Party does not represent people within her value system, but that doesn’t make their beliefs nor reactions artificial.  Nancy’s public reactions to these two disparate groups should be enough to dethrone her in DC and discredit her throughout the country.  She is either incredibly stupid for her inability to see reality, or incredibly immoral and dishonest for praising lawless approach merely because she agrees with their ends.

What is amazing to me is that in this country, where we have a choice, this is the kind of person who is not only elected and reelected for decades by an electorate, but elected and reelected as a leader of and by other political leaders.  I am, quite honestly, disgusted.  She is either incompetent (the way that she wields power makes this a slim possibility) or willing to do anything to achieve her ends (which is exactly the kind of person who should NOT be in a position of authority anywhere).  She is the embodiment of what is wrong with our federal government.

Every time I start to think that the US can get turned around to head in a positive direction, I think of Nancy Pelosi and I despair.  However, in order to register my displeasure, I will not go trash a neighborhood for weeks on end, defecate on a police car, (for a truly stunning visual:,  refuse to report a rape so as not to distract from the “good of the cause,” throw bottles and stones at anyone (much less the police), nor participate in any of the various antisocial activities committed by the God-Bless-Them Pelosi group.

When pundits or “journalists” say that the OWS crowd is like the Tea Party crowd, they paint a wholly inadequate picture.  Yes, both groups think the system is corrupt, but everything else is different, from the root cause of the corruption through the means of protest and the method of fixing what is wrong to the final solution.  It’s like saying that a communistic state is like a republic.  Both may have the same goal, a system of government for people to live together, but everything else is different.  If you look at the conduct and atmosphere in the OWS crowd versus the Tea Party crowd as representative of the world they would create, anyone can see that they are fundamentally different.

When Tea Partiers say that we want to take our country back, what we want is a place where our political leaders do not disparage the actions of lawful, peaceful demonstrators (on either side).  We want disruptive, rude, lawless behavior to be condemned rather than excused or even lauded.  We do not want agreement with a sentiment to be used to forgive the bad behavior.  In short, we want to withdraw from Nancy’s World.

In order to accomplish this end, we need Nancy Pelosi—and others like her—to deoccupy Washington.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a vote where Nancy is concerned unless we live in her district.  About all that we can do is vote in other members of Congress who will do the responsible thing by adhering to the Constitutional limits on their own power.  If we can manage to put in a majority of adults, they will enforce their own curfew and govern responsibly.  So, join me at the voting box next year for a rousing DDC rally!  (Constructive anger ok, but bring your own port a potty.)

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