Snitching on “fishy” Informants

I was so disappointed when they took down the site.  You know, that was the one where I could have reported “fishy” information that I got in emails from my friends, or heard in conversations.

I really tried to get some of that fishy information.  I surfed the web until the sea salt dried on my skin.  I introduced the topic with my friends until they started avoiding my calls.  I hadn’t come up with a single smelty statement before poof! The website was gone.

I thought I had it nailed about where they were doing all that organizing for those angry mobs at the health care events.  I found this web site that allowed you to sign up to man phone banks four nights a week, every week, to intrude into people’s houses with a simple ring! on their phone, to get them to support health care.  They had canvassing on the weekends to go door to door to get support.  They even had just plain old organizational meetings every Monday night. They even have a self directed event starting on August 30:

“Beginning this weekend, make a ‘name badge’ to wear over your heart whenever you go out in public…but this won’t be just any old name badge, this tag will carry your own special health care message instead.”   They even had some suggested messages for you to claim as your very own, like: “HELLO!  I’m Uninsured  I WANT A PUBLIC HEALTH CARE OPTION.”

I was ecstatic, thinking that I could be the one that let the White House know at about this fishy site.  Then I noticed that the badge they were suggesting was in support of the health care bill.  I realized that this wasn’t a fishy right wing extremist organizing site at all, it was a legitimate, Democratic organizing site for decent, real grass roots kind of people by Organizing for America.

Then I heard Maria down the street say something very fishy:  She said the House Bill would allow illegal aliens to get into the public option.  She showed me an article about how a Representative had tried to get an amendment that explicitly said that no illegal aliens would be accepted on the public option.  It was voted down in committee.  I didn’t know if that would exactly classify as fishy, since it made sense that illegals can get on the public option if the bill doesn’t say that they can’t.  Just like with other things, if it is not specifically forbidden, then it will be allowed.

Then I got an email from my friend Martha, who got it from her friend John, who got it from his friend Betsy who got it from her friend Tom.  It said that the bill would allow government funding for abortions on the public plan.  I thought I finally had the smoking gun!  Unfortunately, it was soon followed by an email that said that some Senators had tried to get in an amendment on one of the Senate bills that would say that no public funds would be used for abortions.  This amendment was also voted down.  Again, just like with other things, if it is not specifically forbidden, then it will be allowed.  How could the government not cover this as part of a woman’s “reproductive health,” especially since an abortion is the only medical procedure ever that is a Constitutional right?

I was sure that I could report what Milne said about rationing.  He said he had read all 5 bills in play, and that even though none of them contained the word rationing, what was being proposed had the same similarities as every other Government Health Care system in the world.  He said that those countries don’t have the word “rationing” in their bills either.  They don’t have the word “ration” on any of their boards that make decisions.  Those countries didn’t start out with rationing as a goal or a desired outcome, but it always ends up there.  He said that it’s almost like dropping something and expecting it not to fall due to gravity.  I checked it out.  He was right.  Can something be fishy if it is correct?  I wasn’t exactly sure.  It was fishy that he was comparing our country to other countries.

Then Barbara Wagner died in Oregon early this August—right here in the US!  She was that woman on the Oregon government health plan who had a recurrence of cancer when she was 64.  The Oregon Health Plan very politely turned down her doctor’s prescription that would slow the cancer and give her a few more months to live.  In the same letter, they offered to cover the drugs for assisted suicide, which is legal in Oregon.  It would have cost the taxpayers $4000 per month for her to live a few months longer instead of $50-$100 to die immediately.  She tried a couple of appeals, but the Oregon Health Plan doesn’t provide for life extending drugs, only disease curing drugs.  The drug company was finally approached and offered the drugs free for a year, but the cancer had been progressing and she died shortly after.  A cancer Doctor, Dr. Fryefield, said, “We are looking at today’s … 2008 treatment, but we’re using 1993 standards.  When the Oregon Health Plan was created, it was 15 years ago, and there were not all the chemotherapy drugs that there are today.”  Then I thought, what if we have government health care on national level passed in 2010 with standards applied in 2025?

I decided that maybe the rationing claims weren’t that fishy.  I was pretty despondent—I did so want to help the White House.

Finally, I had a breakthrough.  Here’s the fishy part:  I had been looking for fishy information, but what was fishy was the activity. Regular citizens are actually reading the bills.  It is beyond me why they would want to do that when experienced politicians in Washington don’t even go there.  People are not only reading the words, they are looking at what’s happened with other laws here and in other places and are drawing logical conclusions from what the bills say.  I find that highly suspicious:  Regular citizens are reading and reasoning.  Why would they want to do that?  Don’t we elect people to do that for us so that we don’t have to?

So I tried to report this “fishy” activity to  I had taken too long.  They had shut it down!  I’m just waiting for my next chance.  Maybe I’ll be quicker about it next time.

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