Nancy Needs a Chauffeur

Nancy was driving to a meeting on proposed Health Care Reform in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She was running late and ended up behind a very slow driver.  So she waited for a “PASSING ALLOWED” sign:No passing sign copyand passed the car.  Pretty soon, she realized that she had just breezed past the place for the meeting, so she waited for a “U-TURN” sign:no uturn sign copyand turned around.  She pulled up in front of the place where the meeting was going to be and was relieved to find loads of empty spaces in a PARKING zone:no parking sign copyAfter she got out of her car and got halfway up the stairs, she noticed a Nazi SWASTIKA on a sign that a lady was holding:

No Nazism, No Fascism

Terrified that Nazis were there, she ran back to her car.  A policeman was waiting for her.

“I need to see your license,” he said.  “I’ve been following you for 2 miles, and you passed in a NO passing zone, made a U-Turn where there was a NO U-Turn sign posted, and now you are parked in a NO parking zone.”

Nancy protested.  “I did no such things!  But there is a mob of Nazis right over there.  I am afraid.  I need to leave.”

She was so terrified that the policeman let her go with just a written warning.

The next day Nancy was asked about the protestors.  “They’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a Town Hall Meeting on Healthcare,” she said.

The awful agony that she must have experienced when she thought that a crowd was pro-Nazi or pro-fascist!  I feel so sorry for her because she does not recognize the sophistication of the symbolism of the red circle with the slash across it imposed over the swastika, indicating NO to the swastika, meaning “NO Fascism” or “NO Nazism.”  Even worse, what were the “symbols like that” that were so terrifying that she could not even mention them by name?

Maybe Nancy’s difficulties recognizing the symbolism in the “NO” part of the protest sign lie in her previous exposure to protests.  For example, the Gaza War Protest and Anti-Israeli Rally in San Francisco last January had lots of signs with swastikas, but none of them had the international symbol for NO.  (Kerry Picket collected many images of these swastikas on protest signs in a blog that he wrote at:

I hope that someone takes the time to explain to Nancy about the red circle and slash.  Nancy, it’s ok.  These people at the current protests are AGAINST Fascism in the United States.  They do NOT want a repeat of a demagogue being elected and then using his power to completely usurp the government.  You don’t have to be afraid anymore.  I want you to kNOw this.

I think that Nancy needs a chauffeur.  The good citizens that drive on our roads in this country need to be protected until Nancy has time to catch up on the concept of symbols in signage.  More than that, the citizens in the international community need to be protected.  When she goes to Afghanistan for a day and spends 7 days in Italy on the way there, she is going to be a hazard on the road without a grasp of the meaning behind the red circle with the slash across it.  They use this symbol even more in Europe.  I would hate to see the headlines:  Democratic Leader of the US House of Representatives Parks in No Parking Zone, Claims Ignorance of NO.

Luckily, with all of those new private jets for Congress, the chauffeur can travel with her when she goes overseas.  Not only that, but she can spend her time in the back of the limo reading all of that legislation that she needs to catch up on. Hiring two lawyers to help her read, as John Conyers suggested, would be much more expensive than a chauffeur.  A bargain from more than one angle!

She may even have time to read the written warning that the policeman issued her in Fort Collins.  It said:

WARNING:  Learn how to Read the Signs correctly.

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