Global Warming: Nonetheless, it moves

We used to “know” that the earth stood motionless at the center of the universe.  Galileo, frequently called the father of modern science, thought differently.   In the 1600s, Galileo made astronomical observations of planet movements which could not occur if the earth were fixed and everything orbited around it.  What he saw in the heavens could be explained if the earth and other planets orbited around the sun.  He was tried by the Catholic Church for the heresy of publicly supporting this idea.  He was given a choice: recant the idea that the earth moved around the sun, or be killed.  He recanted, although he spent the remaining 9 years of his life under house arrest.

One hundred years after his death, a legend grew up that after he denied that it was true that the earth moved around the sun and was leaving the court, he muttered, “E pur si muove.” (Nonetheless, it moves.)

Today we “know” that there is global warming and that we, mankind, are contributing to it.  CO2 emissions by mankind’s activities are getting into the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise.  There are a few problems with this knowledge.  For one thing, it is now established that temperatures have dropped since 2002, even as CO2 emissions have continued to rise.  In other words, reality is not explained by the theory.

Some things never change.  When a scientific theory (guess) is contradicted by reality, a scientist is supposed to rethink the theory.  Facts cannot be changed; theories are made to be changed.  Unfortunately, many scientists simply filter the facts and stick to their theory.

Even worse, as it has been since the days of the Inquisition, people who have no scientific knowledge but do have position and authority join in the fray.  They preach scientific theories as scientific fact with the zeal of an Inquisitor.  Galileo had the Catholic Church and the Inquisition to contend with; scientific fact was moved into the realm of religion.  Today we have Al Gore and the UN.  They remove science from the realm of the scientific method and slap it down into the political arena.

With the technology of modern times, it is easy to spread something as fact.  Have the press keep repeating one side until it becomes true because it is accepted.  Also, appeal to the vanity of the unscientific masses by throwing in a little technojargon.  Many people believe in “global warming” because it’s flattering to think that they understand something as complex as the earth and CO2, and that they are smart enough to grasp sophisticated ideas.  It makes them feel good about themselves, even if the theory itself portrays the human species (which includes them) as bad, destructive, and despicable. They can feel superior to those backward hicks that don’t embrace the knowledge.

In the case of “global warming,” the fact is that average temperatures have been decreasing since at least 2002.  This cooling is getting so hard to ignore that the proponents of “global warming” changed the terminology:  We now don’t have a crisis due to “global warming,” we have a crisis due to “climate change.”  The press, ever eager to follow new trends, accommodatingly started using the different words.  They slipped this change in without even asking the truly relevant question:  If we were doing things to warm the earth and haven’t changed what we’re doing, then why isn’t it still warming?

Climate change is a much easier cause to defend than global warming because the climate is always changing somewhere.  There has been climate change somewhere since the earth was formed.  As long as the earth exists, there will continue to be climate change.  The best thing about the terminology change for its proponents is that we now have a permanent crises on earth, not just a scare due to rising temperatures.

In an article by Alex Watts in Sky News Online on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 entitled “Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution,” he states, “Through radiometric dating of Messel’s volcanic rocks, they discovered Ida lived 47 million years ago in the Eocene period.  This was when tropical forests stretched right to the poles . . .”  On the other end of things, the earliest ice age that has been well documented occurred from 850 to 630 million years ago.  In this ice age, it is believed that permanent ice covered the entire globe.

That’s right.  Long before humans even existed, the entire earth was hotter.  And the entire earth was colder.  As a matter of fact, at times Antarctica was like the Amazon, and at times the Amazon was like Antarctica.  Here’s the real news flash:  The earth, or Mother Earth, didn’t care one whit.  The earth doesn’t really care if it’s hot or cold, it’s just part of being the earth.

Documented changes are not all necessarily global or millions of years old, either.  In 2008, an International team in the North Greenland Ice Core Project discovered that cores showed that about 14,700 years ago there was a 22-degree-Fahrenheit increase in temperature in just 50 years.  (That’s like having changed from highs of 32 degrees to highs of 54 degrees between 1960 and now.)  Then it suddenly plunged back down into icy conditions before it warmed abruptly about 11,700 years ago. The current “global warming” temperature increase is about 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit (yeah, less than 1 degree) since 1850.

There are dramatic changes even more recently.  Dale Mackenzie Brown wrote an article about the Viking settlements in Greenland in Archaelogy entitled “The Fate of Greenland’s Vikings” dated February 28, 2000.   These settlements were first established in 986 and lasted until 1350.  He notes, “Greenland’s climate began to change as well; the summers grew shorter and progressively cooler, limiting the time cattle could be kept outdoors and increasing the need for winter fodder . . . Over the decades the drop in temperature seems to have had an effect on the design of the Greenlanders’ houses. Originally conceived as single-roomed structures, like the great hall at Brattahlid, they were divided into smaller spaces for warmth, and then into warrens of interconnected chambers, with the cows kept close by so the owners might benefit from the animals’ body heat.”

That’s right: it got so cold over the last few decades that Greenlanders had to move the cows inside and build their houses differently.  Who would have guessed from common news reports that something like that had ever happened?

Even though such distinguished scientific minds as Al Gore are passionately sounding the alarm about the crisis, some skeptics are beginning, like Galileo, to utter heresies like, “But emissions are going up and temperatures are going down.”  If the Kyoto Protocol had been successfully implemented, the global warming crowd would have declared victory and vindication.   However, what we wanted to achieve with the Kyoto Protocol is happening without it.  Scientific facts  no longer apply because global warming is not a matter of science, it is an established political issue to the point of being a religion.

As I said, some things never change.  Reaction to the established Inquisition of the Global Warming Experts has followed the rulebook from the Roman Catholic Inquisition a few hundred years ago.  Don’t confuse the situation by relating facts. Suppress EPA reports that raise pertinent facts that contradict the theory.  Vilify, smear or threaten people or organizations who disagree.  Brand the heretics of today as “Traitors to the Planet Earth” or “flat-earthers of the 21st century.”  Don’t let experts that disagree with the theory come to conferences so that you can “truthfully” proclaim that there is unanimous agreement about the topic.  Remind scientists that even though they cannot be burned at the stake, they can be marked down at their job evaluation or fired if they don’t keep their mouths shut.

Meanwhile, as we march backwards towards a warming flat earth that is fixed in the sky, things are leaking out, thanks to the internet.  Real Inconvenient Truths emerge—Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and some planets’ moons can be documented to have experienced global warming when the earth experienced warming.  Did we cause that?  Sources as varied as NASA, MIT, the St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, and Japanese scientists (one of whom liked global warming computer models to ancient astrology) have come up with curious facts that contradict the theory of global warming.

Even more importantly, some of those pesky foreign politicians are not anxious enough to be a part of the “in” crowd by buying into the notion that global warming is an established fact and that we (mankind) are significantly contributing to it.   In Australia (see and Japan (see as well as places like Poland, the Czech Republic, and New Zealand, global warming, er, excuse me, climate change is not accepted as a settled issue because facts are beginning to be reported there.

However, there is the potential of real, very severe damage from climate change in our country.  The damage is liable to be to our economy and to our freedom.  If Cap and Trade passes the Senate as it did the House, we will be paying a heavy penalty in money and in giving up freedoms to government control.  This tax on the use of energy and the intrusion into our everyday activities could hit our economy hard, raise unemployment, decrease our standard of living, and get us accustomed to heavy government controls that we will never rid ourselves of, all based on the idea that we are responsible for warming the climate when current indications are that the climate is cooling and we’re not causing it.

Which brings us back to Galileo: “E pur si muove.” (Nonetheless, it moves.)  This phrase is occasionally used in modern speech to indicate that even if someone in a position of authority states something as a fact, it doesn’t make it true.  Before we make massive changes to our country and to our lifestyle, let’s let the heretics and the Zealots in the worldwide scientific community have an open and honest interchange to come to a conclusion free of politics.  With respect to Al Gore and our government and global warming or manmade climate change:  E pur si muove.

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