Get Off Our Prophet’s Back

I think people should lay off criticizing Obama for saying “. . . we are the largest Muslim Nation in the world.” People should also stop making excuses for the statement, saying that he just meant to say that we welcome Muslims in America, that they are successful, contributing members of our society. This articulate Ivy League lawyer has the ability to state clearly exactly what he means to say, and the teleprompter doesn’t lie. He did not get to be the first black President of the Harvard Law Review by being imprecise in his words.

Both the critics and the interpreters are getting it wrong. Obama was not making a statement of current fact, he was prophesizing the future. When you are a prophet, you frequently make statements in the current tense when you are seeing the future.

The radical Muslims will take over Islam, and they will succeed in establishing a single caliphate in the world. One religion, one law (Sharia Law). These leaders have told us that this is what they will do, and since they are honest, truth-telling Muslims who could have their tongues cut out for lying, we should not doubt them.

Israel will be the lucky one.  It will be the first to go.  We won’t oppose Iran’s development of nuclear “energy” (because oil and natural gas is so scarce in their country).  If we won’t oppose it, neither will anyone else except the first country that will be a casualty.  As soon as it is done, Wham!  They will drop a nuclear power plant on Israel.  (Ooops!  Didn’t know it was a bomb.)  This time, the people in the land of Babylonia will not bother to conquer and disperse the Jews in Israel—they will simply dispose of them.

This will totally energize the Arabic Muslim World.  Can you imagine the psychological boost from the complete annihilation of an enemy that you have had since Cain slew Abel?  One thousand times more joy than ending a World War.  It will be a truly emboldening accomplishment.

The United States will not even be the last to join this caliphate because if they knock us off sooner rather than later, they will have access to all of our military technology, which is the best in the world. That will accelerate the rest. The technology probably won’t even be needed—the final surrender to Islam will be accomplished not with a bang but a whimper.

At that point, it will be good to have our own homegrown prophet, Barrack Hussein Obama. He will be able to ask for leniency for us, his people. He was born here—or maybe in Africa. He was raised here—but partly in Indonesia, whose population is 88% Muslim. But he did begin his political career here—encouraged by American hating preachers and Islamic terrorists, and he probably does like that big white house that will become his permanent home.

Strictly speaking, we won’t be the largest Muslim country by area or by population unless we get a lot more immigrants. We have a long way to go to surpass China and India in population. Area wise, we would have to almost double to be bigger than Russia, the biggest country. Who knows what the plans are, though? If Canada and the US were combined in this caliphate, we would be the largest country. Maybe that’s how we will get 57 states—was he prophesizing during the campaign? True, some “state” boundaries would have to be redrawn because there would be 50 US states, 10 provinces, and 3 territories, but they never said that lawyers at Harvard took math. It’s so exciting! Will he get Brian Deese to redraw the lines? At least he will have a resume by then. “In 2009, after having been a Yale law school dropout for a while, I dismantled GM.”

Assuming that as long as President Obama has his teleprompter, he is precise and forthright, there is no other interpretation other than the fact that he was prophesizing in his speech.

He couldn’t have meant that we are currently the largest Muslim nation in the world. It’s hard to get consistent statistics on how many Muslims there actually are in the US, but the estimates range from somewhere between 1% and 2% of our total population as being Muslim. The number of Muslims in the US account for well under 1% of total Muslims worldwide no matter whose population figures you use.

There were no Muslims that helped in any major role to establish the country—lots of Christians, some Deists, some Jews, and probably a couple of closet atheists. So there is no basis for claiming that we are historically rooted in Islam.

Our president is smart. He is gifted in speaking. He would never lie. Since he wasn’t talking about the past or the present, he must have been talking about the future. What other logical explanation is there than the fact that he was prophesizing?

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